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Home Sweet Home (Final Fantasy XV) | Piano Online

Yoko Shimomura

Home Sweet Home (Final Fantasy XV)

u r t [o6] 0 w t u| | 5 0 [ur] [y0] [tr] y| u [r$] 7 e u e| | 4 8 [e0] [re] [t0] y u o [a0] r y o y| I o [p6] e t i p| y u [i7] q [ye]| [teY] Y s a [p0] e y p [urO] f a s [h6] 0 e t u t e 0 6 0 [fW] [td] [us] [td] W [f0] [a6] 0 w t u t w| 6 Q [tp] [aQ] [utseQ] d f h [k0] r p r a r [pG] [oh] [j^] e y p t y [ed] f [g7] q e| [teY] D l k [jf] a I y [urOH]| a s [d4] e [uo]| 5 [qf] [ura] [qp] [a$] e [pO] [aI] [u*] W r W 8 [pjE] [uoh] [slE] [ts6] e [td] f [upfe]| [yrgO] h [uf0] e W| p [up] [ta] s [udW] r W| 6 [wf] [tk] [rl] [ztp]| [yrO] x [qlj] t [pkh] [ulj] [kh0] r o r [60] [sj] [qaH7%] [kg] [sjf6] 0 w [ts]aus|| 5 0 r [a0]pra|| [o4]p[p0] e u e| | 4 8 [u0]iu[ye]t[y0]uu|| 0 ry[yu]o[oa]dyd Ssa| ^ etti[pi]stp|| 7 [yq] [yue] i [eYQI]| oOp| [p0] e y pap[urWO]| |[yied]| j| h g [fW] [ed] [rf]| u| [ya] t r e [urj]| x| [z0] l [tk] [yj] [kY] u I [YO] [ufO]| [pT]| [ur] f [ige] [rh] [jT] r T y u f [od] [ph] [uof]| [up]| pyip[jS] [kd] [lD] p [kD] [jG] [uslf]| [pI]| I p d f [kgda]||| [rka]| [tsl]| [zjd6] e [uo] e 5 [xqkf] [urkjf] [qjf] [kfa$] e [pjQ] [keaH] [ufO!] % 0 r 8 [jE] [uoh] [lE] [sp4] 6 [wd] [qf] [upfe]| [yrgO] h [yufa] e [WO70]| [tpe] [up] [ta] s [udaW0] r W| 6 [wuf] [tka] [srl] [ztpd]| [urO] [xf] [sqljf] t [pkha]u[tslj] [ywrkha0] to tw [ute0] [spj] [yrqiaOH] [kda] [spj6] 0 w t [ua] p a s [d5] 0 r 0 r f h j [k$] 0 e u e j f s [h4] 8 [ge]| [s5] 9 [od] r
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