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Shallow (A Star Is Born) (Expert) | Piano Online

Lady Gaga

Shallow (A Star Is Born) (Expert)

6 [0t] o y [7r] [wyo]| [8tu]||| q t i o t q p o 8 [to]| [5ro]| [9p]o[wy] [5t] 6 [0t] o y [7r] [wyo]| [8tu]| w t| |8| 6 0 [etp] [tp] [7tp] [wo]| [8tu]| w t| | q t i [qti] [ti] [ti] [qti] [ti] [8ti] u| [5wty]| 9 [wp]o[5y] 6 0 [etp] [tp] [7tp] o w [8tu]| w t||w t 8 4 8 [qti] [eti] [ti] [4ti] [qti] [4ti] [8ti] u| [5wty]| 9 [wp]o[5y] [60et]| |[7wry]||[8wy] [8tu]||| 4 [8to] [qto] [eto] [to] i 4 u [8ty]| u [5ry]| [9y] [wt] [5t] [60et]| |[7wry]||[8wy] [8tu]||| 4 [8to] [qto] [eto] [to] i 4 u [8ty] w u [5wy]| 9 w 5 6 [0t] o y [7r] [wyo]| [8tu]| w t| |8| 6 0 [esj] [tsj] [7sj] [7h] r [8osf]| w u||w t| q t [is] [pg] [pg] [tpg] [ipg] [pg] [8pg] [wof] t [5sd]| [9f]d[ws] [ra] 6 [0s] [ej] [tsj] [7h] w [rf]d[8os] w u||w t 8 4 8 [qs] [epg] [tpg] [pg] [4qpg] [pg] [8tog] [wf] t [5wosd]| 9 w 5 [60uos]| | [7wryod]||[8wtuof]||| 4 [8osh] [qosh] [eosh] [tosh] [og] 4 f [8osd] w [tf] [5wsd]| 9 [wd] s 6 0 e t [7wrosh]||[8wtosf]||w| w t 8 4| [8osh] [qosh] [eosh] [tosh] g 4 f [8osd] w [tf] [5wd]| [9s] w 5 [29gjc] [gjc] [gjc] [9ygjc]| [fjx]|| [5wdhz] [dhz] [fhx] [wrydhz]| [sl] [5w]| [8tfhx] [fhx] [fhx] [hv] [7wr] [sfl]| [sfl] [60e] [fx]| |[6e]| [29gjc] [gjc] [gjc] [9ygjc]| [fx] [29]| [5wdhz] [dhz] [fx] [wrydz]| [sl] [5w] [oh] [8wtoh] [fhx] [tuofhx] [hxv] [7wr] [sl] [wry] [sfl] [60e] [fx] [etu]||6 e 6 2 9 [edgl] [ydgl] [2dgl] [dl] 9| [5wdhk] k l [wryhk]||[5w]| 8 w [tfhl] [fhl] [7dhl] w [rdhl] [7k] [6fhk] [0j] e [sfj]| 0 e 6 [29]| [dgl] [9edgl] [dgl] [dl] [29]| [5wdhk] k l [wryhk]||[5wh] h [8tfhl] [fhl] [tuofhl] [dhl] [7r] h [wry] [sf] [6eu]||[tu]| [et] u e 6 0 e t u 0 e 6 [3uoa] 0 w r [uoa] [rs] [0a] 3 [5yoa] 9 w 5 9 w 5 [I9ya] 2 9 e [ys] e [9f] [9s] [ea] [6tup] 0 e t [upsf] 0 e [6uoa] 3 0 w [ruoa] 0 [rs] [0a] [3s] [5oaf] 9 w 5 9 w r 5 [I2pf] 9 e 9 e y 9 e [29gjc] [gjc] [gjc] [9egjc]| [fjx]|| [5wdhz] [dhz] [fhx] [wrydhz]| [sl] [5w]| [8wtfhx] [fhx] [tosfhx] [hv] [7wr] [sl] [wry] [sfl] [60e] [fx] [etu]||6 e 6 [2gjc] [9gjc] [egjc] [ygjc] 9 [efx] y 9 [5dz] [wdz] [rfx] [ydz] w [ysl] r [5oh] [8sfl] [wsfl] [tsfl] [8sfl] 7 [woh] r [7uf] [6u] 0 e t u 6 e 6 2 9 [edgl] [ydgl] [9dgl] [edgl] y 9 [5hk] [9k] [wl] [9dhk] r 9 w 5 8 w [tfhl] [8fhl] [7dhl] [wl] [rdhl] [7k] [6fhk] [0j] e [tfj] u| 6| 2 9 [esgj] [ysgj] [9sgj] [ysgj] e 9 [5adh] 9 [wdj] [rdk] y| w h [8fhl] [wfhl] [tfhl] [dhl] 7 [wh] r [7sf] 6 0 e t u e t 0 [9eygjc] c c c| x|| [wyodhz] z x z| l| h [tuofhx] x x v [roa] [hl]| [hl] [eu] x| | [ypdgjc] c c c| x| u [oadhz] z x z| l| h [tosfl] l l l [roa] h| f [eup]
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